Corrugated Reducer

Corrugated Adaptor

Corrugated End Cap

Corrugated Elbow 45

Corrugated Elbow 90

Corrugated Cross Tee

Corrugated Tee 45

Corrugated Tee 90

Corrugated Reducing Tee 45

Corrugated Reducing Tee 90

Corrugated Coupler

Pipe Seal (O-ring)

EF Reducer

EF End Cap

EF Elbow 45

EF Elbow 90

EF Reducing Tee

EF Reducing Tee

EF Tapping Tee

EF Saddle

EF Saddle with Lock

EF Saddle

EF Coupler

Male Thread Socket

Female Thread Socket

Y Screen Filter

Screen Filter

Y Disc Filter

Disc Filter

Compression End Cap

PP Saddle

Compression Reducing Coupler

Compression Coupler

Male Thread elbow

Female Thread elbow

Compression Elbow

PP Double Ball Union Valve

Male Thread Tee

Reducing Tee

Female Thread Tee

Сompression Straight Tee

Fabricated Reducing Coupler

Fabricated Elbow 30

Fabricated Elbow 45

Fabricated Elbow 60

Fabricated Elbow 90

Fabricated Tee 45

Fabricated Reducing Tee

Fabricated Tee

Fabricated Cross Tee

Injection Reducing Coupler

Injection End Cap

Flange Adaptor

Injection Elbow 45

Injection Elbow 90

Injection Reducing Tee

Injection Tee

PP Covered Steel Flange

Steel Flange

Injection Cross Tee


Elbow 45

Elbow 90

Tee 45

Reducing Tee 45

Reducing Tee 90

Tee 90


PPR Reducing Coupler

PPR Male Thread Transition Socket

PPR Female Thread Transition Socket

PPR Male Thread End Cap

PPR End Cap

PPR Valve

PPR Clamp

PPR Pipe Cutter 20mm-63mm

PPR Male Thread Hexagonal Socket

PPR Female Thread Hexagonal Socket

PPR Elbow 45

PPR Elbow 90

PPR Male Thread elbow

PPR Female Double Battery

PPR Female Thread elbow

PPR Reducing Tee

PPR Male Thread Tee

PPR Female Tee Double Battery

PPR Equal Tee

PPR Pipe Welding Machine

PPR Coupler

PPR Short Bridge

PPR Curved Bridge

PPR Cross Tee

PPR Pipe Cutter 50mm-110mm

PPR Pipe Cutter 20mm-40mm

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