About Us

In 2015, with the Georgian investment "Georgian Pipe" was established. Our initial objective was the production of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) double-walled corrugated pipes for sewage and irrigation systems. Through the installation of high- quality equipment, we gained the capability to manufacture corrugated pipes ranging in diameter from 100mm to 1600mm. These pipes were categorized into various strength classes: SN4, SN8, SN12, and SN16.

In 2017, further investment and expansion were undertaken to diversify production. This expansion gave us an opportunity to produce water and gas polyethylene pipes ranging from 20 mm to 630 mm in diameter and with pressure ranges from PN6 to PN25. During the same year, “Georgian Pipe" initiated the production of corrugated pipes for cable laying, ranging in diameter from 40 mm to 110 mm.

From 2024 year, we have begun production of polypropylene (PPR) cold and hot water pipes. Pressure range from PN16 to PN25, diameter from 20mm to 110mm.

To ensure a structured and efficient technological process, the production procedures were managed by highly qualified specialists with years of experience working at European Union top pipe manufacturing companies. Our primary focus lies in nurturing local talents, resulting in the recruitment of exceptionally skilled professionals.

Overall, these investments played a significant role in advancing Georgia's polyethylene pipe manufacturing industry. Over the years, with the support of international donors, numerous projects were financed, leading to a considerable expansion. As a result, our locally produced products gained recognition on the market, demand for high-end products increased, and a substantial portion of imports was replaced by Georgian production.

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